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A week of symfony #334 (20->26 May 2013)

This week, the Symfony Live Portland 2013 conference gathered all the attention of the Symfony community. Meanwhile, the upcoming Symfony 2.3 version continued removing deprecated options and adding new unit tests.

A week of symfony #333 (13->19 May 2013)

This week, the new Symfony 2.3 branch was created. In addition, the first Symfony 2.3 release candidate version was published, which includes tons of great small improvements. Lastly, one of the biggest Symfony events of the year, the Symfony Live Portland 2013 conference, will take place next week.

New in Symfony 2.3: Small things matter

Symfony 2.3 comes with many small tweaks and enhancements. Learn more about some of them.

Symfony 2.3.0 RC1 released

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A week of symfony #332 (6->12 May 2013)

This week, Symfony 2.3.0 released its second and last beta version. Among other features, this version supports the interactive management of the parameters.yml file and some nice improvements for the Console component. In addition, the Symfony 2.1.10 maintainance version and the Twig 1.13.0 version were released.

Symfony 2.3.0 Beta 2 released

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New in Symfony 2.3: Great new Features in the Console Component

Symfony 2.3 adds some great new features to the Console component.

New in Symfony 2.3: Interactive Management of the parameters.yml File

Symfony 2.3 automates the management of your parameters.yml application file.

Symfony 2.1.10 released

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New in Symfony 2.3: Buttons support in Forms

Symfony 2.3 supports buttons management in Forms.

A week of symfony #331 (29 April -> 5 May 2013)

This week, the first beta of Symfony 2.3.0 was released. The most relevant additions were the new comparison validators, the requirement of the debug component to maintain BC, and the possibility to log fatal errors in production. In addition, Silex, the Symfony micro-framework, released its long-awaited 1.0.0 version.

Symfony 2.3.0 Beta 1 released

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