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New in Symfony 2.7: PHPUnit Bridge

Symfony defines several bridges to abstract third-party libraries such as Doctrine, Monolog, Swiftmailer and Twig. In Symfony 2.7 we added a new bridge for PHPUnit.

New in Symfony 2.7: VarDumper improvements

In Symfony 2.7 we made the VarDumper component dump() function easier to use and we also improved the dumping of complex variables such as PHP reflection classes.

A week of symfony #434 (20-26 April 2015)

This week, Symfony project introduced the Symfony Demo application as the official learning resource for Symfony newcomers. In addition, the Call for Papers for the SymfonyCon Paris 2015 conference was opened. Send your proposals before the 30th of June of 2015 to have a chance to speak at the biggest and most important event in the history of Symfony.

New in Symfony 2.7: Form and Validator Updates

The Form and Validator components are one of the largest Symfony components. In Symfony 2.7 we improved them by adding new features and deprecating some existing features.

New in Symfony 2.7: Dependency Injection Improvements

The DependencyInjection component allows you to standardize and centralize the way objects are constructed in your PHP applications. This component is used to create the service container, which is the biggest contributor to the extensibility of the Symfony framework. Symfony 2.7 improves this component with new features but it also removes some of its current features.

New in Symfony 2.7: Choice form type refactorization

The Choice Form Type is one of the most advanced form types defined by Symfony. In Symfony 2.7 this form type has been completely refactored to support dynamic generation for labels, values, indexes and attributes.

New in Symfony 2.7: Productivity improvements

Symfony 2.7 includes countless code tweaks and improvements. A lot of them are minor changes that will increase your day-to-day productivity. In this article we introduce seven of those small but nice features.

Introducing the Symfony Demo application

Today we're glad to officially introduce the Symfony Demo application, a fully-functional Symfony application developed as a learning resource.

A week of symfony #433 (13-19 April 2015)

This week, Symfony continued polishing the upcoming 2.7 version release with some bug fixes and minor tweaks. Meanwhile, we continued publishing articles about the great new features of Symfony 2.7: improved serializer, a new Twig profiler, minor security improvements and the new Asset component. Lastly, the SymfonyCon Paris 2015 conference announced its definitive venue and dates (3-5 December).

New in Symfony 2.7: the new Asset component

Symfony 2.7 introduces a new component called Asset which manages URL generation and versioning of web assets such as CSS stylesheets, JavaScript files and image files.

New in Symfony 2.7: Security Improvements

In addition to high impact changes and big features, the new Symfony versions always add tweaks and minor improvements across its codebase. In this article you'll learn about three small security-related changes that will improve your day-to-day productivity as developer.

SymfonyCon Paris is announced: December 3-5!

Save the date for SymfonyCon Paris 2015: December 3-5! Early bird tickets are on sale and limited to the first 100 attendees, register now to enjoy the early bird! Call for Papers is open until June 30th, send your talk proposals now!

New in Symfony 2.7: Twig Profiler

In Symfony project we believe that all the information relevant to developers should be one click away. That's why in Symfony 2.7 we've added a new panel with Twig information in the web debug toolbar.

New in Symfony 2.7: Serializer Component Improvements

In Symfony 2.7, the Symfony Serializer component has been greatly improved with lots of new features. This article introduces the most important ones.

A month of Symfony Documentation #4 (March 2015)

With Symfony 2.7 feature freeze at the end of this month, lots of documentation about new features were merged. Besides this, the doc team focussed on fixing some issues and following the best practices.

A week of symfony #432 (6-12 April 2015)

This week, during the Symfony Live Paris 2015 conference, a new transition Symfony 2.8 version was announced. Meanwhile, the first beta of Symfony 2.7 was released, including more than 100 new features and enhancements. Lastly, the most significant change in the Symfony 2.7 branch was the adoption of the PSR-4 standard instead of PSR-0.

Symfony 2.7.0-BETA1 released

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Transition from Symfony 2.7 to 3.0... Symfony 2.8 on its way

A new Symfony 2.8 is going to scheduled after Symfony 2.7. And here is why we need it.

New in Symfony 2.7: Translation Profiler

Symfony 2.7 includes a new toolbar translation panel and a new translation profiler to display detailed information about your application internationalization.

New in Symfony 2.7: Default Date and Number Format Configuration

Symfony 2.7 adds two new Twig configuration options to define the default formatting of both numbers and dates without the need to write custom code.

A week of symfony #431 (30 March - 5 April 2015)

This week, Symfony published 2.3.27, 2.5.11 and 2.6.6 security releases. In addition, the Form component refactored choice lists to support dynamic label, value, index and attribute generation, the Translation component added a new translation profiler and the Console component introduced a new style guide to update the built-in commands appearance. Lastly, the master branch continued removing deprecated features that won't be available in Symfony 3.0.

CVE-2015-2308: Esi Code Injection

CVE-2015-2308 is about possible code injections via the ESI framework.

CVE-2015-2309: Unsafe methods in the Request class

CVE-2015-2309 fixes some unsafe methods in the Request class.

Symfony 2.6.6 released

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Symfony 2.5.11 released

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Symfony 2.3.27 released

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