Updating the Symfony Demo application to Symfony 4

The Symfony Demo application is a reference application created to show how to develop Symfony applications following the recommended best practices. It's mainly used as a learning and teaching resource, so we keep it in sync with the latest Symfony versions and features.

During the past weeks we've worked hard to be ready for the Symfony 4 release and we've fully updated the application to Symfony 4 and Symfony Flex. The main changes introduced in the app are:

Run this command to install the new Symfony Demo version:

$ composer create-project symfony/symfony-demo

A Community Effort

The Symfony Demo application is maintained by the Symfony community. We thank you all the developers who proposed ideas, reported issues, updated translations and contributed pull requests: Paweł Małolepszy, Piotr Grabski-Gradziński, Vladimir Chernyshev, Peter Kokot, David Maicher, Christophe Coevoet, Oleg Voronkovich, Victor Bocharsky and specially, Yonel Ceruto, for his tireless efforts to improve the app.

Help the Symfony project!

As with any Open-Source project, contributing code or documentation is the most common way to help, but we also have a wide range of sponsoring opportunities.


Great job with upgrading!

I was looking for specifics PR, as that would be great content to learn from.
Docs is good, but having real life example of what each bullet exactly meant for the projects would be awesome!
Packagist hasn't updated yet? Still getting `1.2.1`
@justin, that is the Symfony 4 demo version
@Mark Railton, Ah sorry about that.

> Revamped the data fixtures to use modern DoctrineFixturesBundle practices;

I was specifically looking for that change. That particular commit wasn't made until after the 1.2.1 release. As a matter of fact, it was made just before 1.2.2 was tagged earlier today. So I assumed (bad practice, I'm sorry) that the latest release on GH (1.2.2 that was released today) was the release that this article was referring to (posted today).
@Justin you are right. There's a problem with Packagist integration and tags are not being published. For the moment you can solve it running "composer update" after installing the Demo app.

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