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This version of symfony is not maintained anymore. If some of your projects still use this version, consider upgrading.

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If you have followed the instructions from the previous chapters, you should now have a fully-functional symfony project, and are ready to experiment with symfony.

You can start reading more documentation on the main documentation page of your version.

On the documentation page, you will find the Jobeet tutorial, which is probably the best way to learn symfony. It explains in great detail the development of a web application from start to finish, and also teaches you the best practices of a web development. You can also buy it as a printed book.

You can also browse the symfony reference guide and dive into the symfony framework configuration. This book is an invaluable resource when you need to find something quickly. As any other piece of symfony documentation, it is also available as a printed book.

The symfony framework has a lot of great features and a lot of free documentation. That said, one of the most valuable assets an Open-Source project can have is its community, and symfony has one of the most active and friendly communities around. If you start using symfony for your projects, consider joining the symfony community: