Symfony 5 was released on November 21st 2019. Update now to the best Symfony ever!

A Better Symfony

Symfony 5 continues the revolution started by Symfony 4 to build the best Symfony version ever released. Easier to learn, easier to configure and easier to install and deploy. Simple, powerful, amazing!

Automate everything

Symfony 5 integrates seamlessly with Symfony Flex to automate the most common tasks performed by applications. Forget about enabling bundles or creating their initial config: Symfony Flex does that for you.

The automation leverages the Symfony Recipes, which contain instructions to integrate hundreds of third-party bundles and packages into Symfony applications.

Faster and Leaner

The Symfony 5 source code has 37,000 less lines of code and runs 7% faster than the previous Symfony 4.x version. Upgrade now to make your applications fly.

New Components

Symfony 5 includes a new String component that provides an object-oriented API to work with UTF-8 Strings using bytes, code points and grapheme clusters. Need to create a "slug", trim content, replace text or do anything else on a string that could contain any characters? Do it quickly & safely with the String component.

Symfony 5 also includes a new Notifier component to create and send all kinds of notifications via SMS, email and chat services like Slack and Telegram.

To securely store "secrets", Symfony 5 has a secrets management system where sensitive production values can be safely encrypted and stored in version control. This works seamlessly with environment variables, allowing a consistent experience whether a value is "secret" or not.

Rock solid stability

The Symfony 5 framework is built with the latest version of the Symfony Components, the most popular set of libraries in PHP's history. Battle tested in all popular PHP projects and with billions of downloads.

Smooth Upgrade

Thanks to our unrivaled Backward Compatibility Promise, upgrading your existing applications to Symfony 5 will be a smooth experience. First, upgrade to Symfony 4.4, which provides total compatibility with any Symfony 4.x version. Then fix any reported deprecation and you are ready to upgrade instantly to Symfony 5.

Learn from the Best

Symfony 5 releases together with a new book called Symfony 5: The Fast Track written by Symfony's creator Fabien Potencier. Learn how to create modern web applications with Symfony and Redis, RabbitMQ, PostgreSQL, Docker, APIs, Single-Page Applications and more.