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Open source rocks

Unexpected growth rate, new business opportunities and great feedbacks, this is the lesson of the open source philosophy.

CLI reference added

If you don't know the symfony CLI tasks by heart yet, this may prove useful.

Redesign of symfony exceptions

More details, better organized, with a nicer look: that's the new exceptions thrown by symfony.

New tutorial : Sortable lists

Regular or AJAX, sortable lists are easy to implement if you extend the model properly.

Admin generator screencast

You have to see this one to realize how symfony can make your life easier.

New doc added: Javascript and AJAX helpers

How could you live without it before ?

Symfony 0.6.1 released

Read release notes

Askeet tutorial updated to 0.6

The 24 tutorials of the 2005 advent calendar have just been updated to be compatible with symfony 0.6.

Problem with PEAR 1.4.7

You may experience problems with the symfony project channel if you use the latest PEAR version.

Book summary

The ever-growing symfony book has now a new summary, allowing easy navigation and fast access to the ressource you're looking for.