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Welcome to the new symfony 1.0's release manager

Please join me in welcoming Noël and Grégoire as the new symfony 1.0's release managers.

A week of symfony #34 (20->26 August 2007)

Symfony core refactorization accelerates as symfony 1.1 release approaches. This week, the routing system, the response object and the request object have been completely refactored.

A week of symfony #33 (13->19 August 2007)

During this week, the development has been focused on new and updated plugins. Symfony's marketplace grows with new job offers and blogosphere fills with lots of symfony posts and new bloggers.

Symfony Camp / 6-8 September / Holland

You should definitely go there if you want to learn things and meet people.

Top 20 symfony plugins

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A week of symfony #32 (6->12 August 2007)

It won't be long before the release of symfony 1.1 and therefore continues the refactoring of its components. The logging system, the web debug toolbar and the symfony bootstraping have been refactored this week.

A week of symfony #31 (30 July -> 5 August 2007)

Symfony released 1.0.6 version this week and included the new CLI system with lots of improvements. Symfony 1.1 will also include a new form/validation/fillin layer that maintains compatibility with actual mechanism.