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A week of symfony #217 (21->27 February 2011)

The public API of Symfony2 will be frozen in just a few days. Therefore, this week developers committed some of the last big impact changes to the code repository: the Response was removed from DIC, CompatAssetsBundle was removed in favor of AsseticBundle, and the boostrap files were also removed.

Symfony Live San Francisco Video

During the conference in San Francisco, Yusuke Ando recorded some images from the sessions and interviewed Dustin Whittle. The video is now available.

A week of symfony #216 (14->20 February 2011)

Symfony2 frantic development activity included this week some massive commits such as adding support for merging security configurations, implementing single-pass config loading with intelligent merging and moving common configuration classes to a new Config component. In addition, the new AsseticBundle was integrated in Symfony2, allowing a much more powerful and flexible way to handle web assets. Lastly, 1.3.9 and 1.4.9 maintenance versions were released.

Dailymotion, powered by symfony

Daily Motion, the world's largest independent video entertainment website, is now powered by symfony.

Symfony Live Unconference

It is with great pleasure that I present to you the Symfony Live Unconference. The Unconference will take place parallel to the second day of Symfony Live 2011 in Paris, and is sponsored by Interlutions and my own company Ingewikkeld.

Five new awesome sessions for Symfony Live Paris

Symfony Live San Francisco Edition ended just a week ago, but the next Symfony Live Conference, Paris Edition, is already upon us!

symfony 1.3.9 and 1.4.9

Read release notes

A week of symfony #215 (7->13 February 2011)

Symfony community gathered this week around the first Symfony Live conference in San Francisco (chronicle of day 1, day 2). In addition, the donation drive for security audits finished with great success and Twig, Doctrine2 and Symfony2 code will be audited.

Symfony Live San Francisco, Day 2

Today was the second day of Symfony Live San Francisco. This is a summary of what happened.

Symfony Live San Francisco, Day 1

Yesterday was the first day of Symfony Live San Francisco. This is a summary of what happened.

We're secure! (or getting there)

So a month ago we called for the community to contribute to the project financially, so we could have SektionEins execute a security audit on Symfony2, Twig and also Doctrine. The donation drive was a huge success! Thanks to the community as a whole (and especially phpBB and Sensio), we now have enough money to order security audits on all three packages.

A week of symfony #214 (31 January -> 6 February 2011)

Symfony2 boosted its development activity this week, just before the first Symfony Live 2011 conference in San Francisco. A new SecurityBundle was introduced, class loading was moved to its own component and the Form and Validator components were vastly revamped. In addition, the first version of the config normalizer was committed, although symfony community showed no consensus about it yet.

Hacking Days at Symfony Live Conference in San Francisco

Free hacking days...