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Symfony 2.5.0-BETA2 released

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Symfony 2.4.4 released

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A week of symfony #382 (21->27 April 2014)

This week, Symfony 2.3.13 and 2.4.4 maintenance versions were released. Meanwhile, the stabilization phase of the upcoming Symfony 2.5 version continued with some tweaks and bug fixes. Lastly, Symfony 2.3 and higher versions added the @Target annotation to all constraints in order to indicate the kind of elements to which each constraint is applicable.

Symfony 2.3.13 released

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Symfony 2.5.0 Beta 1 released

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A week of symfony #381 (14->20 April 2014)

This week, Symfony project focused on fixing code inconsistencies, such as unifying the way null values are returned, removing unsupported arguments and making the phpdoc types consistent with those defined in Hack. Meanwhile, Swiftmailer started its big refactorization removing the Simpletest library and switching all its unit tests to PHPUnit.

A week of symfony #380 (07->13 April 2014)

This week, the most relevant news about Symfony project was the re-introduction of the Symfony Core Team, which could boost the Symfony development. In addition, the first beta of Symfony 2.5 was released, fixing important issues such as the database session storage for high-concurrency websites.

The Symfony Core Team is back

Symfony project introduces a new Symfony Core Team and a brand-new internal workflow to accelerate its development.

A week of symfony #379 (31 March -> 06 April 2014)

This week, Symfony 2.3.12 and 2.4.3 maintenance versions were published, both featuring tens of bug fixes and tweaks. In addition, the Validator component introduced a new NodeTraverser implementation and a new Debug component was proposed for Symfony.

Symfony 2.4.3 released

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J-4 avant le SymfonyLive Paris 2014 !

Le SymfonyLive Paris 2014 c'est lundi et mardi, voici les dernières nouvelles de la conférence ! Il est encore temps de vous inscrire mais dépêchez-vous !

Symfony 2.3.12 released

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