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Symfony 2.5.0-RC1 released

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A week of symfony #386 (19->25 May 2014)

This week, Symfony repository created the brand new 2.5 branch in preparation for the imminent publication of Symfony 2.5. In addition, Symfony 2.3.15 and Symfony 2.4.5 maintenance versions were released.

Symfony 2.4.5 released

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Symfony 2.3.15 released

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A week of symfony #385 (12->18 May 2014)

This week Symfony implemented session locking for PDO, and removed absolute paths from the generated service container. In addition, forms added step attribute to HTML5 time widgets to display seconds if needed and the handling of boolean attributes was fixed for ChoiceFormField.

A week of symfony #384 (05->11 May 2014)

This week Symfony continued polishing its code for the imminent Symfony 2.5 release. The DebugClassLoader performance was improved, the translation file dumpers added an optional backup and new IDE links were added to improve your productivity as developer.

End of PEAR support for Symfony

As of today, we won't publish PEAR packages for Symfony and Symfony components anymore.

A week of symfony #383 (28 April -> 04 May 2014)

This week, the second beta of Symfony 2.5 version was released to fix some bugs discovered since the first beta. In addition, the Symfony repository activity was frantic and tens of issues were resolved or closed.