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A week of symfony #439 (25-31 May 2015)

This week, the long-awaited Symfony 2.7.0 LTS version was released. In addition to including more than 100 new features and enhancements, it also provides early support for the PSR-7 recommendation about HTTP message interfaces.

PSR-7 Support in Symfony is Here

PSR-7 support in Symfony is here! Introducing the new PSR HTTP Message Bridge: a library to translate between the PSR-7 interfaces and Symfony's Request and Response objects. Framework users can also use PSR-7 objects immediately in your controller.

Symfony 2.7.0 released

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Symfony 2.6.9 released

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Symfony 2.3.30 released

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CVE-2015-4050: ESI unauthorized access

CVE-2015-4050 fixes unauthorized access when using ESI.

Symfony 2.6.8 released

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Symfony 2.5.12 released

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Symfony 2.3.29 released

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A week of symfony #438 (18->24 May 2015)

This week, Symfony project resumed the biweekly IRC meetings to discuss about its own development. In addition, a new Symfony Docs Hack Day was organized with great success. Finally, after the approval of the PSR-7 specification, a working group has been set up to integrate it into Symfony.

Symfony Dev IRC Meetings are Back!

Bi-weekly Symfony development meetings are back! If you're interested in the core development process of have something to add, join us on IRC #symfony-dev

A week of symfony #437 (11-17 May 2015)

This week Symfony fixed some compatibility issues with PHP7. In addition, the VarDumper component improved its dumping logic: dumps now use the output mechanism of PHP instead of echoing their contents and the output destination is now configurable. Lastly, the upcoming Symfony 3.0 version continued removing lots of deprecated features.

Symfony 2.7.0-BETA2 released

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Speak at a Symfony conference!

Call for Papers for SymfonyLive London, SymfonyLive Berlin and SymfonyCon Paris are currently all open. Submit your ideas and become a Symfony speaker!

Symfony 2.6.7 released

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Symfony 2.3.28 released

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A week of symfony #436 (4-10 May 2015)

This week Symfony added some minor changes to improve developer experience: the dump() function no longer outputs HTML contents when using it in an API or the console (view commit), the debug:event-dispatcher command now outputs the priority of each event (view commit) and he FrameworkBundle added a new "paths" option to configure additional translation loading paths (view commit). In addition, a new Symfony Docs Hack Day was announced for the next Saturday May 23rd.

A month of Symfony Documentation #5 (April 2015)

This month, some existing article were reviewed and improved to be easier to understand and more focused. As the community best practices improve, so do the articles in the documentation!

Symfony Docs Hack Day Needs You on May 23rd

The next Symfony Documentation hack day is coming on Saturday, May 23rd! And no matter who you are, we want you to help us take the documentation to the next level.

A week of symfony #435 (27 April - 3 May 2015)

This week, website enabled HTTPS support and the Symfony project started migrating URLs to https wherever is possible (documentation, component repositories, etc.) Meanwhile Symfony 2.7 continued polishing its new features and fixing bugs before its publication at the end of the month.