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Symfony 4.0.0-BETA2 released

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Symfony 3.4.0-BETA2 released

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A week of symfony #565 (23-29 October 2017)

This week Symfony continued polishing the new features introduced in the upcoming Symfony 3.4 and 4.0 versions. The main change was the introduction of a new config option to opt-out from legacy autowiring. In addition, the Symfony Community Awards 2017 were announced in preparation for SymfonyCon Cluj 2017, which will take place in just three weeks.

New in Symfony 3.4: session improvements

Symfony 3.4 implements PHP's SessionUpdateTimestampHandlerInterface to prevent session fixation issues and provide lazy-write in session handlers.

New in Symfony 3.4: debug:autowiring command

Symfony 3.4 includes a new debug:autowiring command so you can quickly know which type-hints must be used to inject the services.

The Symfony Community Awards are back!

Vote now for the Symfony Community Awards until November 16th!

A week of symfony #564 (16-22 October 2017)

This week, the first beta of Symfony 3.4 and Symfony 4.0 were released, so you can test them more easily in your applications before their final release at the end of November. Meanwhile, we continued fixing bugs and polishing the new features, such as the new secure and lazy sessions and the new debug:autowiring command.

Interview with Paweł Jędrzejewski, founder of Sylius project

Sylius, an e-commerce project based on Symfony components, recently released its 1.0.0 stable version. We chatted with Paweł Jędrzejewski, founder and leader of the project, to celebrate this milestone.

Symfony 4.0.0-BETA1 released

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Symfony 3.4.0-BETA1 released

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New in Symfony 3.4: Disable global form themes

In Symfony 3.4 you can disable global form themes for specific forms thanks to the new "only" keyword added to the "form_theme" Twig tag.

New in Symfony 3.4: Guard authentication improvements

In Symfony 3.4, Guard authenticators can implement a new method called supports() to better separate the responsibilities of the getCredentials() method.

New in Symfony 3.4: debug:form command

Symfony 3.4 adds a new command called debug:form to introspect all the information available for form types and their options.

A week of symfony #563 (9-15 October 2017)

This week Symfony continued polishing the new features introduced for the upcoming Symfony 3.4 version and completed the changes needed to make every Symfony application compatible with PHP 7.2 Meanwhile, we worked on making sessions secure and lazy. Finally, a scholarship and volunteer program was announced for SymfonyCon 2017 conference.

New in Symfony 3.4: Local service binding

Symfony 3.4 allows binding services and parameters in local configuration files to avoid duplicating them in multiple service definitions.

SymfonyCon Cluj 2017: scholarship and volunteer programs are now available!

We've just released our scholarship and volunteer programs for SymfonyCon Cluj 2017. Apply now until Tuesday, October 17th.

New in Symfony 3.4: Services are private by default

In Symfony 3.4 services and aliases are private by default. This may require you to change some service definitions in your bundles and applications.

New in Symfony 3.4: Minimalist PSR-3 logger

Symfony 3.4 adds a minimalist PSR-3 logger so you can display, aggregate and store log messages without having to install Monolog.

New in Symfony 3.4: Improved the overriding of templates

In Symfony 3.4, there's a new directory to override third-party templates and a new feature to avoid circular exceptions when overriding and extending templates at the same time.

A week of symfony #562 (2-8 October 2017)

This week Symfony released 2.7.35, 2.8.28 and 3.3.10 maintenance versions. Meanwhile, Symfony 3.4 continued working on polishing its new features, such as new HTML5 form types, a better first-time experience and made the profiler resettable.

New in Symfony 3.4: Simpler injection of tagged services

Symfony 3.4 provides a simpler way to inject all services tagged with a specific tag, so you don't have to create a compiler pass just to do that.

Symfony 3.3.10 released

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Symfony 2.8.28 released

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Symfony 2.7.35 released

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New in Symfony 3.4: Form improvements

Symfony 3.4 adds new HTML5 form types ("tel" and "color"), new options for TimezoneType and support for callbacks in the delete_empty option.

New in Symfony 3.4: Defining compiler passes in the kernel

In Symfony 3.4, the kernel of the application can implement CompilerPassInterface to define a compiler pass in it.

New in Symfony 3.4: Bootstrap 4 form theme

Symfony 3.4 adds a new form theme for Bootstrap 4, the most popular front-end component library.

New in Symfony 3.4: Argon2i password hasher

Symfony 3.4 includes an Argon2i password hasher , a modern alternative to Bcrypt natively supported by PHP 7.2.

A week of symfony #561 (25 September - 1 October 2017)

This was the last week before Symfony 3.4 feature freeze period. That's why lots of pending new features were merged (including a new Argon2i password encoder, a better integration of the Lock component and a new minimalist default PSR-3 logger) and some existing features were deprecated (including HTTP Digest authentication and security ACL).