SymfonyCloud: from Early Access to General Availability

After two years of development and years of R&D from our partners: the technology behind SymfonyCloud is now production ready. We are thus super happy to announce the general availability of SymfonyCloud!

A Week of Symfony #654 (8-14 July 2019)

This week, the upcoming Symfony 4.4 version worked on improving the progress bar redraws of the Console component, deprecated WebserverBundle in favor of the Symfony local web server and introduced a feature to make the bundle public dir configurable. Meanwhile, the upcoming Symfony 5.0 version added compatibility with Monolog 2.

A Week of Symfony #653 (1-7 July 2019)

This week, the upcoming Symfony 4.4 version improved the Length validation constraint to allow rejecting empty strings, the HttpClient component added support for NTLM authentication and the Panther component was updated to allow using the new BrowserKit assertions. Meanwhile, the SymfonyCon 2019 conference announced the first part of its schedule.

SymfonyCon Amsterdam 2019: the first part of the conference schedule is online!

We’re super excited to announce the first selected speakers of the international Symfony conference SymfonyCon Amsterdam 2019, November 21-22! Check the schedule to discover the first speaker line-up!

Symfony Local Web Server, 6 months later

With 30+ releases since the first public release, we have been hard at work fixing bugs and adding features.