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Living on the Edge

A series of posts showcasing the new features introduced by each Symfony version.

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New in Symfony 5.2: Notifier improvements

In Symfony 5.2 the Notifier component is easier to debug and provides integration with lots of new third-party services.

New in Symfony 5.2: Semaphore component

Symfony 5.2 introduces a Semaphore component to complement the existing Lock component and provide access to a shared resource to multiple concurrent processes.

New in Symfony 5.2: Login links

Symfony 5.2 provides support for "login links" (or "magic links") which allow users to fully authenticate in your application by clicking on a specially crafted link.

New in Symfony 5.2: Constraints as PHP attributes

In Symfony 5.2, you can use PHP 8 attributes to define the validation constraints.

New in Symfony 5.2: Form field helpers

Symfony 5.2 introduces new form field helpers to get each field part value without any HTML code around it.

New in Symfony 5.2: Login Throttling

Symfony 5.2 includes a new "login throttling" feature to mitigate brute-force attacks against login forms.

New in Symfony 5.2: Front controller configuration

In Symfony 5.2 the behavior of the front controller can be modified with configuration options, without having to edit the index.php file.

New in Symfony 5.2: Rate Limiter component

Symfony 5.2 introduces a new Rate Limiter component to allow you implement protection measures such as limiting the number of HTTP requests or login attempts.

New in Symfony 5.2: Console signals

Symfony 5.2 introduces support for handling and responding to signals (e.g. SIGINT, SIGTERM, SIGUSR1) in your console commands.

New in Symfony 5.2: Shared locks

Symfony 5.2 adds support for shared locks, which is a synchronization primitive used to solve one of the readers–writers problems.