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Symfony 2.0

After 12 preview releases, 5 beta versions, and 6 release candidates, I'm very proud to announce the immediate availability of Symfony 2.0, final version.

Since the first preview release, published 18 months ago during the Symfony Live conference, the Symfony community has done an amazing work. The Symfony2 code quality would not have been the same without their outstanding work. Thank you!

The Community

The involvement of the community for this version of the framework is just incredible. More than 250 developers have contributed in one way or another to this major version through more than 2,000 pull requests. And that's just the beginning as the community is growing at a very fast pace. Since March 2011, more than 100 new contributors have joined the Symfony2 team (250 vs 150); and more than 250 new bundles have been created on Github (440 vs 170).

Another way to understand the level of the community commitment is to compare it with other projects. Symfony2 is currently the most popular PHP project on Github (most forked and most watched overall) and the 12th most forked project for the whole Github platform. That's just astonishing!

The Symfony2 community is also hard at work to create a great ecosystem of additional libraries that work well with Symfony2 like Assetic, Monolog, Twig, Imagine, and many more.

The Code

Symfony2 embraces standards: First, Symfony2 is willingly centered around the HTTP specification (just have a look at the built-in HTTP reverse proxy). Then, we are embracing the PHP standards: PHPUnit, namespaces, PSR-0 autoloader, ... That makes Symfony2 easily interoperable with many other great PHP libraries.

Symfony2 is decoupled: Beside being a full-stack framework, Symfony2 is also a set of decoupled and cohesive components; Symfony2 is made of 21 components that can be used as standalone libraries: they have their own Git repositories, and they are all available as PEAR packages.

Symfony2 has many innovations that are unique in the PHP world:

  • Symfony2 uses the Dependency Injection pattern extensively and it comes with a built-in Dependency Injection Container. It makes Symfony2 very flexible and easily customizable.

  • Symfony2 is packaged as Distributions: A distribution is a pre-configured Symfony2 project with a selection of bundles and sensible defaults. The Symfony Standard Edition also comes with a Web configurator. That makes the installation and configuration of a new Symfony2 project fast and insanely easy.

  • Everything is a Bundle in Symfony2: A bundle is a directory containing a set of files (PHP files, stylesheets, JavaScripts, images, ...) that implement a single feature (a blog, a forum, etc). That changes everything. Share your bundles between your projects or publish them in the wild.

  • Symfony2 is Fast: the raw performance of the framework is great, but there is more. By embracing the HTTP standard, and thanks to the ESI standard, you can make your application fly very easily. Make your application as dynamic as you need it to be, and still benefit from HTTP caching. And if you can afford the installation of a reverse proxy like Varnish, the performance of your application will just be incredible.

  • Symfony2 eases the debugging of your application thanks to the Web Debug Toolbar and the Profiler: symfony1 was the very first major framework to come with a web debug toolbar. Symfony2 pushes the limits even further with a brand new debug toolbar and the introduction of a gorgeous profiler. The profiler gives you all the information you need to understand what's going on behind the scene in case of a problem.

  • Symfony2 simplifies your life as much as possible: we have worked hard to give you the best experience possible. After installing a distribution, the interactive generators will help you generate code easily by guiding you through some simple questions. And when an error occurs, Symfony2 goes beyond displaying the error message: it displays the whole stack trace, the linked exceptions, and all the files are one-click away from your IDE. We have also tweaked the error messages to make them as comprehensible as possible.

  • Symfony takes Security very seriously. The Security component gives you all the tools you need to secure your applications: from the simple form logins to the more advanced X.509 certificates and ACLs, everything is as easy as adding a few settings in a configuration file. We have gone as far as implementing time-based attacks protection. Speaking of security, and thanks to the community again, the whole code base has been audited recently by SektionEins and all their remarks have been taken into account.

The Documentation

As you all know, code is not everything. Symfony2 also comes with great documentation. The documentation is made of a "Quick Tour" tutorial, a Book, a Cookbook; but also an index, a glossary, and a reference section. And for hardcore documentation, you can have a look at the beautiful API documentation.

Thanks to the migration to Git and the usage of the ReST format, contributing to the documentation has never been easier. In fact, more than 140 people have contributed to the documentation. That's amazing! Thanks to them, we already have more than 60 cookbook entries.

How to get started?

If you want to give Symfony2 a try, download the Symfony2 Standard Edition and read the Quick Tour.

If you are coming from a symfony1 background, read the How Symfony2 differs from symfony1 cookbook article to learn more about the main differences.


Now that Symfony2 is released, it's time to celebrate.

Help the Symfony project!

As with any Open-Source project, contributing code or documentation is the most common way to help, but we also have a wide range of sponsoring opportunities.


Awesome, congrats!
Congratualations Symfony Community and thank you for all the hard work you have put into this Release!
Great job, congrats!

But I can say i downloaded it as the first, because i tried rewriting the url 10 minutes before publishing it official.

But good work!
Congratulations to you all! I'm sure your effords will be appreciated globally.

Looking forward to have official practical documentation released as well.
That is a wonderfull news! Conratulations to the team and Fabpot personally. You make our lifes worthwhile =)
Yes! Well done everyone for their hard work.
Congratz !!!

Opppss... "If you want to give Symfony2 a try, download the Symfony2 Standard Edition and read the Quick Tour."

Address download link: :D !!!
Hooray!!!! At least.
Awesome work, congratulations!
Does a tutorial like jobeet for Symfony 1 will be written ?
Marvelous, thanks a bunch for your efforts. I'm only missing 2 things here to make me a woman:

+ AdminUI-Generator
+ Documentation in the style of Symfony 1.x

When can we count on these?
Anybody compared performance of Symfony2 with Ruby on Rails? What is the difference?
This is sooo awesome!
Awesome ! congrats ! I love it !
Yeahh !! Contrats !! AND THANKS A LOT !!!
> Does a tutorial like jobeet for Symfony 1 will be written ?
Congrats! Thank you all for your work and let the show begin!
Today is the day!!!
Amazing guys! Great job!
Thanks to you Fabien and all contributors for your awesome work! I'm sure Symfony2 will revolutionize the PHP world as it already has in some parts. Well done and thanks!
Good news, I am using it for 4 month it's awsome, but I hope the 2.1 will come soon, to add all the missing things needed to be productive.
Congrats and thanks to everyone involved. Fabien, thanks for leading this.
Thanks for all the efforts made to create this wonderful framework! Congratulations!!
Congratulations to the final release!
Symfony2 is an really awesome framework :)
Great news!!! congrats!!!!
Symfony2 ça poutre du poney !

Congrats ! 250 contributors before final release...

...maybe that means that there will be many more for next major release because a lot of developpers will start now to use the framework and will want to enhance it by different ways...
Congratulations & a big thank you! Can't wait to use Symfony2. Literally, starting now :)
Champagne !
That's one small step for a man, a giant leap for mankind... developers !

Bravo !
Great work !
Congrats, awesome work!
This is a huge step in web development... Hope it will help others write quality code!

I didn't notice it was Symfony2 release date: you just made this day brighter! :D
Awesome!! Congrats
Congratulations! Awesome work.
Time to have a look now?
Awesome work, many thanks and congratulations!
Many thanks to you Fabien, and to the entire team behind you for making the world's best php framework.
Thanks Symfony! Happy, Happy and Happy
Finally! Congrats for all the work.
at last!
many thanks and congrats to the team!
Great product Fabien. The best thing about Symfony2 is the much improved documentation 'The Book'. Very well written and easy to understand. Thanks for all your hard work!!!!
Bravo and congrats to everyone for their great work.
Congrats !
Thanks to Fabien and all of contributors...
Awesome! Congratulations Symfony community. Great job.
Weel dony to all involved.
Congratulations to everyone!

I think I know what I'm doing this long weekend!
congrats :-) put some tutorial videos also
congrats :-) put some tutorial videos also
Fabien is my Hero
Awsome! Is there any more information available about the security audit? Like: what their finds and recommendations were?
Congratulations to you, Fabien, and everybody involved! Great job!
Superbe nouvelle !
Merci à toute l'équipe :-)
Awesome job. Can't wait for use it in our company!
Thank you so much. This is awesome!
It's awesome! Thank you for the work guys!
Awesome! Thanks! Cheers fellow symfonians
Yeah, great ! It was funny to reinstall the framework every week, but I will be more happy to start working on real project with this final release.

Thanks a lot for your work :)
Bravo !
I was expecting some fireworks on the homepage that announce this great news!

Je commence mon premier /Gros/ projet ; ce sera avec Symfony2, que je surveille depuis quelque temps.

Bravo pour tout ceci, bravo pour la doc ! (Il ne manque plus qu'à la proposer en un gros PDF !)
Bravo à tous. J'espère pouvoir apporter ma pierre à ce fabuleux framework un jour ou l'autre. Merci pour tout.
Open source spirit at its best!
Thank you so very much for your hard work!

And thanks for such a beautiful piece of software.
Congrats to the great Symfony2 dev team! The form migration has been painful but it was a good call to do it, we have been since PR1... and for sure will celebrate BIG!!
Congratulations. Woooohooo!
Congratulations to ALL. Woooohooo!
Yay! :D

now it's time to update/create/rebuild tutorials on your website to keep up with all the changes since 1.x

Keep up the awesome work
Awesome, I was waiting for this for months! Thank you guys.
Felicidades !!
Congratulations!! I think Symfony 2 is great: It has the best of PHP and other languages and technologies. Now, spread the word. People should create full tutorials of real applications like blogs, cms, and others, making Symfony 2 popular.
Congratulations regards from Uruguay!!
Awesome work!! Congratulations Symfony Community!!!! Thanks Fabien for your dedication and perseverance, you are my hero! ;)
The wait is over!
Symfony2 - hurray!
Un gran trabajo el que han realizado para poder ofrecernos esta nueva versión de Symfony, muchas gracias por todo el esfuerzo realizado
Hurra!!!!!!!!!!!! Congratulations to everybody. This is so amazing :')
Awesome.. going to take a closer look this evening :)
An honorable achievement! Congratulations to the whole community!
Congrats and thanks!
Congratulations to the team!. Well done.
awsome!! fantastic job!! very proud of you guys' hard work!
Congratulations to all involved. Symfony2 is very impressive indeed.
Nicely done! Can't wait to start using it in a production environment.
That's great. Congratulations to all Symfony team for your hard work.
felicidades a los desarrolladores de symfony por su gran trabajo y un saludo desde venezuela

symfony el mejor framework de desarrollo php xD
Congrats guys! Can't wait to check out the new features
Congratz all and thank you for your great awesome work. Long live Symfony2.

yea its time to celebrate :)
At last...., great!
Congratulations Fabien, Francois & co! Can't wait to release our first app using it!!
Great job! Congrats!
Congratulations to the Symfony Community!
Oh, thats great! Congrats!!!
Symfony2 - #1 PHP framework in the world! Other frameworks will have to learn a lot from Symfony2
I would like to know if the documentation (mainly the book) is in line with this final release or the team is going ti update it thanks
thanks for sharing your idea...........
Congratulations to the Symfony team!
It's good job! I'm happy :)
Long life to Symfony2 ! ;)
@nitesh bagri : i don't think video tutorial is needed here..because they explained each and every thing so clearly here in documentation..may be you are little bit dumb to understand from here thats why you want video tutorials .. hats off to Symfony Team.
Thanks a lot for you hard work! Very much appreciated!
Awesome ! congrats ! I love it !
Ooooo yeah. Let the game begin :-D
Hi, Congrats.

Can I use Symfony2 about big project? Where the Symfony2 plugins?
Congratulations! Great extensive documentation. Looking forward to magento / wordpress / drupal / phpBB -like distrubutions.
get laid techno losers
Wonderful guys !
great works!
thank you for bring this amazing framework to us!
Bravo, and thank you
Fabien! Awesome.

But we need the 1.4 like magic too in symfony 2
The best news for today, congrats
Buen trabajo Fabien y bienvenido sea Symfony2.
Is there any possiblity for an automatic migration from Symfony 1.x ?
Thanks for this amazing job. To all the developers and contributors.
This is (and will continue to be) the best PHP framework. So well structured, complete and documented.
you have bug with checking mime types. It always return null, so i changed in file class validation: getMimeType with getClientMimeType and now it works well

Best regards
Thank you and congratulations! Great job. Really love it!
Very nice! I've tried to work with Symfony 1.4 a few times, but I could never really wrap my head around it. Symfony 2.0 seems so much more logical and approachable. The quality of both concept and execution is outstanding. Bravo!
I suggest to add info about special IDE for Symfony framework -

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