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symfony 1.0.9 is out

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A week of symfony #47 (19->25 november 2007)

Symfony has completed the last piece of the new form mechanism so the release of the 1.1 version could be inminent.

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A week of symfony #46 (12->18 november 2007)

Great week for symfony: inminent symfony 1.1 relase, 6000th changeset milestone, new symfony planet feed with all the blog feeds related with symfony and new Fabien Potencier blog (powered with symfony 1.1)

The new form framework is almost there...

The new form framework will be committed soon... In the meantime, you can have some information by reading my IPC 2007 presentation I gave 2 weeks ago in Frankfurt.

symfony case studies

symfony case studies

A week of symfony #45 (5->11 november 2007)

Symfony 1.1 still keeps some surprises before its launch, like form widgets and revamped form validation mechanism. Meanwhile, symfony developers are more and more desired with job offers blooming all around the world.

A week of symfony #44 (29 October -> 4 November 2007)

After several calm weeks, symfony development returns to its normal pace with updates and lots of bugfixes. Meanwhile, plugins maintain their furious development activity.