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A week of symfony #56 (21->27 January 2008)

Symfony 1.0.11 was released this week, closing 21 tickets and completing another milestone for 1.0.X branch. Meanwhile, symfony 1.1 added a way to mark template value as being safe for output and introduced sfFormExtraPlugin, a new plugin for packaging useful validators, widgets, and forms which will not be included in the main symfony package because they are too specific or have external dependencies.

symfony 1.0.11 is out

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A week of symfony #55 (14->20 january 2008)

The revolutionary form mechanism of Symfony 1.1 continues taking shape with new features, bug fixes and other tweaks. Creating a state-of-the-art form mechanism, incorporating some of the best practices from other frameworks and libraries and assuring its quality and flexibility takes some time but the wait will be definitely worthy.

A week of symfony #54 (7->13 january 2008)

Calm week for symfony framework with little core development activity. In contrast, plugins show intense activity and symfony related job postings continue growing.

A week of symfony #53 (31 december 2007 -> 6 january 2008)

New Year brings to symfony the same old frenetic development activity of the framework and its plugins. Symfony 1.1 continues polishing the new form mechanism and the CRUD generator has been refactored. Symfony reached this week another awesome milestone: its code quality is now assured by more than 7000 tests.