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symfony talks and conferences

This year again, the symfony core team will speak at some conferences.

Last major change for symfony 1.1

If you read the symfony devs mailing-list, you know that we still miss one big feature before being able to release symfony 1.1.0.

Thanks to the Community!

symfony has a great community. As you might know, both François and I got a new baby recently and pookey collected donations to get us a gift.

A week of symfony #60 (18->24 february 2008)

Calm week for symfony's core development. In contrast, there has been huge plugin development activity and whopping bugfixing with 45 defects closed.

A week of symfony #59 (11->17 february 2008)

The main activity of this week has been the refactorization of sfPatternRouting. Although the refactorization introduces several new features, all the modifications are backwards compatible. The new routing mechanism will be faster, more robust and much more configurable.

A week of symfony #58 (4->10 february 2008)

Symfony 1.1 code continues under heavy development activity. During this week, methods, variables and constants have been added, moved or deleted throughout the code. In addition, symfony 1.1 continues adding some last minute goodies: all the great features of sfPropelAlternativeSchemaPlugin will be natively available in the next version of the framework.

A week of symfony #57 (28 january -> 3 february 2008)

This week, development activity has been focused on sfConfiguration, the last new component of Symfony 1.1. The new configuration mechanism implies lots of changes in many of the framework's files but promises an important number of improvements.