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Get Ready For The Next Symfony Sprint!

Friday 7th and Saturday 8th of April: Get ready for some serious work!

A week of symfony #65 (24->30 march 2008)

This week, symfony 1.1 beta 2 was released, freezing the API of new features and finishing most of the internal refactoring. A new symfony sprint was announced and a tentative symfony 1.1 release date was disclosed (in about 4-8 weeks). Meanwhile, plugins maintain their frenetic activity and continue updating their code for symfony 1.1.

Symfony 1.1 Beta 2 released - What's new?

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A week of symfony #64 (17->23 march 2008)

Symfony 1.1 polishing continues with dozens of tweaks and fixes during this week. Plugins maintain their great development activity with more than 20 updated plugins. Symfony 1.0 development achieves 1.0.12 milestone.

symfony 1.0.12 is (finally) out !

After two months and more than 30 tickets closed, the 1.0.12 comes with spring. As it fixes an important security issue and windows plugins problems, we do strongly advise to update your projects.

Upgrade your plugins

Plugins installed through the 'plugin-install' command must be upgraded.

A week of symfony #63 (10->16 march 2008)

Symfony 1.1 maintains its strong development activity for another week. More than 130 changesets have been committed, including a new cache:clear task and a new YAML parser/dumper that replaces Spyc. Nearly 50 bugs have been closed and more than 20 plugins have been updated.

A week of symfony #62 (3->9 march 2008)

Development of symfony 1.1 continues at fast pace. This week, helpers have been moved back in lib/ directory as they won't be converted to classes for symfony 1.1. Moreover, the way sfViewCacheManager deals with internal cache keys has been improved.

Google Summer of Code 2008

Once again the Google Summer of Code is upon us.

A week of symfony #61 (25 february -> 2 march 2008)

Development activity during this week has been colossal. Hundreds of source code archives have been modified and the new configuration system has been introduced as the last major change of symfony 1.1. Definitive countdown to symfony 1.1 has just begun.