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OpenSearch support for the symfony API

We are always looking for ways to enhance the developers experience with the symfony documentation. Today, we have added OpenSearch support for the API.

symfony Forms Book update

Today, I have added more than 40 pages in two new appendices to the forms book: one about Widgets and the other about Validators.

A week of symfony #112 (16->22 february 2009)

Symfony developers announced this week that another top 100 website is powered by symfony. Adding up the four biggest symfony applications, more than 220 million people enjoy symfony powered websites.

Using the symfony Event System

In this tutorial I would like to show how you can add flexibility to your symfony applications using the symfony built-in event system.

Influence the future of symfony

If you want to influence the symfony 1.3 features, you still have one week left as the "Feature brainstorming" phase ends at the end of the month.

Cross Application Links

One of the most requested feature for symfony is the ability to create links to a frontend application from a backend one. This post shows how it can be done very easily with symfony 1.2.

Symfony 1.1.7 released

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Symfony Settings

The symfony framework configurability is one of its most appealing strength, but it is also a thing that comes back over and over again as a weakness. Why?

A week of symfony #111 (9->15 february 2009)

Very calm week for symfony project with few changesets related to symfony core. This week also marked the end of the dwhittle branch, as it was moved to a private repository. Plugin development maintained its strong activity with 7 new plugins (including a new content management sub framework for symfony) and 21 updated plugins.

A week of symfony #110 (2->8 february 2009)

This week symfony 1.2.4 was released, symfony developers mailing list was revamped, seven new plugins were introduced and a remarkable amount of posts were published in blogs all around the world.

symfony 1.2.4 - Fixing two unfortunate regressions

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Questions and Answers about "Practical symfony" book

Frequently asked questions about the "Practical symfony" book, such as shipping costs, allowed payment methods and the quality of the printed book.

A week of symfony #109 (26 january -> 1 february 2009)

This week the symfony project showed an extraordinary activity: i18n data were completely updated and optimized, symfony 1.2.3 was released and all the symfony 1.2 documentation was published in PDF format. Furthermore, 33 plugins were updated and 245 changesets were committed to the repository.