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New in Symfony 2.4: Limit a Process Run with an idle Timeout

Symfony 2.4 adds the ability to define an idle timeout for a Process run.

New in Symfony 2.4: A Stopwatch Tag for Twig

Symfony 2.4 introduces a new tag to use the stopwatch in Twig templates.

New in Symfony 2.4: Better Error Messages for missing Classes and Functions

Symfony 2.4 helps you fix those class not found and undefined function PHP errors.

Symfony 2.3.4 released

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New in Symfony 2.4: Show logs in console

Symfony 2.4 automatically shows your log messages in the console output of commands.

Symfony 2.2.6 released

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A week of symfony #347 (19->25 August 2013)

This week, the development activity focused on fixing the handling of the format and locale parameters for exceptions, forwards and sub-requests. In addition, some interesting discussions were initiated around a new directory structure for Symfony and the removal of the ACL from the Security Component. Lastly, the Symfony repository achieved the 7,000th star and the 2,500th fork milestones.

A week of symfony #346 (12->18 August 2013)

This week, development activity focused on the Process component, which fixed some bugs and tweaked some of its features. In addition, the master branch changed the ESI fragment renderer to be always registered. Lastly, the full schedule of the upcoming Symfony Live London 2013 conference was unveiled.

A week of symfony #345 (5->11 August 2013)

This week, four important security releases were published, containing security fixes for the Validator and the HttpFoundation components of every Symfony major version. Meanwhile, a new 2.0 experimental branch was created to test the new features of the upcoming Twig 2.0 version.

Security releases: Symfony 2.0.24, 2.1.12, 2.2.5, and 2.3.3 released

Symfony 2.0.24, 2.1.12, 2.2.5, and 2.3.3 have just been released and they contain security fixes for the Validator component (CVE-2013-4751) and the HttpFoundation component (CVE-2013-4752).

A week of symfony #344 (29 July -> 4 August 2013)

This week, the Apache routing matcher added ability to handle array values, the image validator added options to validate the aspect ratio and the orientation of the images and the Process component added a feature to define an idle timeout. In addition, the Form component fixed a lot of reported bugs.