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symfony 1.3.5 and 1.4.5

Read more about the latest versions of symfony 1.3 and 1.4 here.

The State of Symfony 2 Online Conference

In February many people gathered in Paris to witness the unveiling of the first preview version of Symfony 2. If you were not able to attend, or were there but want more, then mark June 22 or June 23 in your calendar. For those dates, an online conference will take place named The State of Symfony 2.

Announcing the first Spanish symfony conference

The Spanish symfony community is proud to announce the first symfony conference organized in Spain.

A week of symfony #178 (24->30 May 2010)

This week, a new symfony 1.4 book was published. In addition, it was announced a strong presence of symfony at the next phpBB conference.

phpBB Libertyvasion Conference

If you were at Symfony Live in February, you might have already heard about it. Or even if you weren't, you might've read the blogposts, the tweets or heard about it on IRC: The most popular open source discussion forum software, phpBB, was considering using symfony for their new version 4 software. With this in mind we are happy to inform you that a rather big delegation of the symfony core team will be attending and speaking at the phpBB Libertyvasion Conference in New York (USA) in August.

New symfony book: "A Gentle Introduction to symfony 1.4"

People keep asking me about when we will publish the "definitive guide" book for symfony 1.4. A new version is now available.

A week of symfony #177 (17->23 May 2010)

Symfony 1.X branch fixed numerous bugs this week and therefore new 1.3/1.4 maintenance versions will be soon released. Meanwhile, Symfony 2.X branch development boosted with lots of fixes and tweaks, including new proof of concept bundles for Twig and Propel.

Nashville Flood Relief Website Built with Symfony

In only 36 hours the local Symfony developers built a fully featured web application to assist the individuals affected by the 2010 flooding in Nashville, TN which has cost the city almost 2 billion dollars in damages.

A week of symfony #176 (10->16 May 2010)

Symfony project achieved this week a very remarkable milestone: more than 1,000 plugins have been published on the official repository. Congratulations to all the plugin authors and please keep your hard and much appreciated work.

Building the portal

After a short break we're back with a new case study. This time, Jakub Zalas of Goyello discusses building the travel, leisure and lifestyle portal under a serious time pressure.

A week of symfony #175 (3->9 May 2010)

Symfony 2 committed this week lots of changes and fixes to its public repository. However, the most important change was related to the coding standards. From now on, Symfony 2 code will use PEAR / ZF coding standards. Therefore, indendation is now 4 spaces and curly brackets are now folded for control structures.

A week of symfony #174 (26 April -> 2 May 2010)

This week, the two ORM used by symfony published new important releases: Propel 1.5 Stable and Dotrine 2 Beta 1. Meanwhile, plugins showed an intense development activity, specially CMS related plugins: diem and apostrophe.