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symfony 1.4.15 released

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All symfony 1.x versions available on Github

As of today, using symfony1 and git together becomes much more easier as there is now and official symfony1 Git repository.

A week of symfony #251 (17->23 October 2011)

This week, Symfony2 added a stopwatch to profile code. The first use of this stopwatch is the new timeline panel in the web profiler. All these new features were introduced during the last Symfony Day 2011 conference.

A week of symfony #250 (10->16 October 2011)

This week, all the Symfony2 components were included in, a public repository for Composer, the package manager that soon will be used on Symfony2. Meanwhile, on the master branch of Symfony2 repository all the HttpKernel event listeners were updated to implement EventSubscriberInterface and the official repository surpassed the 800 forks milestone.

A week of symfony #249 (3->9 October 2011)

Symfony 2.0.4 version was released this week, maintaining the fast pace of Symfony2 upgrades. In addition, the independent security audit of Symfony2 and Twig code was disclosed. Lastly, an important, and backwards incompatible change, was committed to the Symfony2 master branch: locale management was moved from the Session class to the Request class (see details).

Symfony2 Security Audit

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SymfonyCamp Ukraine 2011

For the third year in a row, the [Symfony Camp UA conference]( is being organized in Kiev, Ukraine. This year, the conference will take place on October 29. [Registration]( is free!

Symfony 2.0.4 released

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A week of symfony #248 (26 September -> 2 October 2011)

This week Symfony2 committed the first changes related with the new composer component, a package manager that will greatly simplify bundle installation in symfony projects. In addition, parameters.ini configuration file was replaced by parameters.yml, a new mandatory checklist for pull requests was published and the documentation of Twig was significantly improved.