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Symfony Bootcamp Sheffield UK: Debrief

Wednesday March 14th in Sheffield, Wes Thompson and Richard Miller hosted the first of three Symfony2 bootcamp sessions.

A week of symfony #273 (19->25 March 2012)

This week Symfony project announced that Drupal 8 will adopt some of the most important Symfony components, including HttpFoundation, HttpKernel, Routing, EventDispatcher, DependencyInjection, and ClassLoader.

Symfony2 meets Drupal 8

The one where I officially talk about the adoption of some of the Symfony2 Components in Drupal 8.

A week of symfony #272 (12->18 March 2012)

This week Symfony 2.1 focused on session handlers refactoring, another important step in the ongoing effort to improve and refactor session management. In addition, the official Symfony documentation section was improved.

Symfony 2.0.12 released

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Towards Symfony 2.1: Documentation

The documentation section and the search engine has been greatly enhanced.

A week of symfony #271 (5->11 March 2012)

This week, symfony 1.4.17 was released to address some issues with the new PHP 5.4 version. In addition, a call to the community was made to help fixing some of the more than 200 pending issues of the upcoming Symfony 2.1.

Towards Symfony 2.1: Closing Tickets

Help us improve the quality of the upcoming Symfony 2.1 by fixing tickets.

symfony 1.4.17 released

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A week of symfony #270 (27 February -> 4 March 2012)

This was a calm week for Symfony2 development. In the 2.0.x branch, a new removeListener() method was added to container-aware EventDispatcher. In the master branch, cookie session options were prefixed with cookie_ preffix and a new Redis profiler storage was added.

A week of symfony #269 (20->26 February 2012)

This week, Symfony 2.0.11 was released to address a security vulnerability. Meanwhile, Symfony 2.1 development focused on Config and Translation components and continued adding PHP 5.4 forward compatibility. In addition, Symfony2 official repository achieved the 4,000th watcher milestone.