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First Online Symfony Community Hack Day: July 5th!

The first ever Symfony Community Hack Day (online) is only a few days away (July 5th)! Join us to work on making the entire Symfony eco-system easier to use and more powerful. Let's make the Symfony Developer Experience exceptional!

A week of symfony #391 (23->29 June 2014)

This week Symfony simplified the configuration when defining controllers as services that implement the __invoke() method and refactored the CssSelector to remove the circular object graph in order to enable the garbage collector and to reduce the memory consumption. Lastly, stay tuned next week for the first DX Community Hackday scheduled for July 5th.

Getting Pushy with Symfony2!

Message Queues are not a new concept – neither is Push Notifications and surely not HTTP Posts for that matter. However, when you combine these ideas with Symfony you have a very flexible queueing system.

New in Symfony 2.6: The acl:set command

Symfony ACL allows to manage user permissions to suit the most complex security needs. The major drawback of ACL is that the code required to deal with permissions is too verbose. To help you manage and debug ACL, Symfony 2.6 will introduce a new command called acl:set.

New in Symfony 2.6: Support for KiB and MiB units in FileValidator

As of Symfony 2.6, you can use the KiB (kibibyte) and MiB (mebibytes) binary units to set the maximum file size of the FileValidator constraint.

A week of symfony #390 (16->22 June 2014)

What a week for the Symfony project! First, the long-awaited redesign of website was unveiled. Then, the dates and first details of SymfonyCon 2014 conference were announced. Lastly, the DX (Developer eXperience) initiative was introduced to improve the experience of using Symfony and a community hack day was announced for July 5th.

New in Symfony 2.6: Support for object-maps in YAML component

YAML component will add support for objet-maps starting from the 2.6 version. This will make Symfony get closer to full support of the YAML 1.2 specification.

Making the Symfony Experience *Exceptional*

Symfony is having Fantastic Success! But we can make the Symfony Framework much much better by focusing on the developer experience: how it feels to use and solve problems with Symfony. Find out how we can make the Symfony Experience exceptional!

SymfonyCon Madrid 2014 is announced, November 27-29!

The international Symfony conference will be held in Madrid at the Hotel Auditorium, from November 27 to 29; register today!

Introducing the new

Today we are proud to introduce the most significant update in the last four years.

A week of symfony #389 (09->15 June 2014)

This week, Symfony added a new Process Helper to output debug information when running an external program from a command. Meanwhile, Swiftmailer 5.2.1 was released to address a potential security vulnerability.

A week of symfony #388 (2->8 June 2014)

This week, Symfony master branch added some cool new features, such as: a new way to match a specific scheme in RequestMatcher, added support for Yaml object maps and added a new acl:set command.

A week of symfony #387 (26 May -> 01 June 2014)

This week, Symfony 2.5.0 version was released. This new version introduces new features and tweaks across all Symfony components and it's one of the most polished versions released so far.

Symfony 2.5.0 released

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Symfony 2.4.6 released

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Symfony 2.3.16 released

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