Living on the Edge

A series of posts showcasing the new features introduced by each Symfony version.

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New in Symfony 4.2: Acceptable Request Formats

The new getAcceptableFormats() method added in Symfony 4.2 allows to get a simplified list of request formats accepted by browsers.

New in Symfony 4.2: Simpler custom serialized names

In Symfony 4.2, the custom names of properties when objects are serialized can be configured using metadata, instead of having to create a name converter.

New in Symfony 4.2: Important deprecations

In Symfony 4.2 we've deprecated some relevant features (like the base controller class and some console options) that you may need to update in your applications.

New in Symfony 4.2: Wait until processes are ready

In Symfony 4.2 we added a new waitUntil() method which allows to control for how long the application waits for a process.

New in MakerBundle 1.8: Instant User & Login Form Commands

MakerBundle has two new features to streamline security: make:user and make:auth!

New in Symfony 4.2: Auto-secure cookies

In Symfony 4.2, cookies are made secure automatically when the request uses HTTPS, making your application safe by default.

New in Symfony 4.2: Improved form type extensions

In Symfony 4.2, Form type extensions have been improved to simplify their configuration and to allow them to extend multiple form types using a single class.

New in Symfony 4.2: IntlMessageFormatter

Symfony 4.2 replaces the transChoice() method by the IntlMessageFormatter class which implements the MessageFormat standard.

New in Symfony 4.2: VarExporter component

Symfony 4.2 introduces a new VarExporter component to provide a better alternative to PHP's var_export() function.

New in Symfony 4.2: SameSite cookie configuration

Symfony 4.2 makes it easier to configure the samesite cookie attribute in several parts of the framework.