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Living on the Edge

A series of posts showcasing the new features introduced by each Symfony version.

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New in Symfony 4.3: Mime component

The new Mime component introduced in Symfony 4.3 helps you create and manipulate the MIME messages used to send emails and provides utilities related to MIME types.

New in Symfony 4.3: Messenger failure transport

In Symfony 4.3, the Messenger component allows to collect messages that fail on all their retries to inspect them and retry/delete them if wanted.

New in Symfony 4.3: Deprecated the Templating component integration

In Symfony 4.3, the usage of PHP to create templates and form themes has been deprecated (and it will be removed in Symfony 5.0).

New in Symfony 4.3: Number constraints

Symfony 4.3 adds four new constraints related to numbers: Positive, Negative, PositiveOrZero, NegativeOrZero.

New in Symfony 4.3: Better HTML5 parser for DomCrawler

In Symfony 4.3, the DomCrawler component provides optional integration with the masterminds/html5 library to improve the parsing of HTML5 contents.

New in Symfony 4.3: Improved HttpCache logging

In Symfony 4.3, the HttpCache responses can include more logging info so you can process it later to find more caching opportunities.

New in Symfony 4.3: URL Helper

In Symfony 4.3, a new UrlHelper class will simplify the generation of absolute/relative URLs for a given path.

New in Symfony 4.3: Sodium password encoder

In Symfony 4.3 we've replaced the Argon2iPasswordEncoder by a new generic SodiumPasswordEncoder that supports all the Argon2 variants (argon2d, argon2i, and argon2id)

New in Symfony 4.3: Simpler access to Intl data

In Symfony 4.3, the Intl component provides new classes for a simpler access to its localized data.

New in Symfony 4.3: Workflow improvements

In Symfony 4.3 we improved the Workflow component with lots of major and minor features. This blog post summarizes the most important ones.