Living on the Edge

A series of posts showcasing the new features introduced by each Symfony version.

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New in Symfony 5.2: Form testing asserts

Symfony 5.2 adds new asserts (assertFormValue() and assertCheckboxChecked()) to simplify the form tests .

New in Symfony 5.2: Controller argument attributes

In Symfony 5.2 you can use PHP 8 attributes in the controller arguments to turn them into other objects.

New in Symfony 5.2: Form mapping callbacks

In Symfony 5.2 you can use PHP callbacks to get/set the form field values from/into the related object/array.

New in Symfony 5.2: Uid serialization and validation

Symfony 5.2 includes a Uid normalizer to serialize/deserialize UUIDs and ULIDs. It also introduces a new validation constraint to validate ULIDs.

New in Symfony 5.2: Retryable HTTP client

In Symfony 5.2, the HTTP client can retry all the failed HTTP requests automatically.

New in Symfony 5.2: DKIM email authentication

Symfony 5.2 adds support for DKIM, an email authentication mechanism designed to reduce email phishing and spam.

New in Symfony 5.2: Async cache recomputing

In Symfony 5.2 the recomputing of cache values can be done asynchronously thanks to the new integration with the Messenger component.

New in Symfony 5.2: Simpler DataCollectors

Symfony 5.2 introduces a new AbstractDataCollector class that configures everything about DataCollectors, so you no longer need to manually register services for them.

New in Symfony 5.2: Session profiling

Symfony 5.2 will provide session profiling in the debug toolbar and the profiler, showing you all the session usages and their full details, including PHP backtraces.

New in Symfony 5.2: PHP 8 attributes

Symfony 5.2 will support PHP 8 attributes/annotations to define routes and required dependencies.