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Living on the Edge

A series of posts showcasing the new features introduced by each Symfony version.

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New in Symfony 5.3: Guard Component Deprecation

Symfony 5.3 deprecates the Guard component in favor of a new more extensible and easier to understand authentication system.

New in Symfony 5.3: Lazy Command Description

In Symfony 5.3 you can describe console commands lazily, which will help with the future console autocompletion feature.

New in Symfony 5.3: Runtime Component

Symfony 5.3 includes a new Runtime Component that decouples the bootstrapping logic from any global state to make sure the application can run with runtimes like PHP-FPM, ReactPHP, Swoole, etc. without any changes.

New in Symfony 5.3: Notifier Integrations

In Symfony 5.3, the Notifier component provides integrations with many more third-party services.

New in Symfony 5.3: Translation Providers

In Symfony 5.3, you can use third-party services such as Crowdin to manage the translations of your applications.

New in Symfony 5.3: Form Field Sorting

In Symfony 5.3 you can use the new "priority" option to control the order in which form fields are rendered.

New in Symfony 5.3: Service Autowiring with Attributes

In Symfony 5.3 you can use PHP attributes to autowire tagged services and service locators, as well as selecting the autowiring alias to inject in some service.

New in Symfony 5.3: Twig Serialize Filter

In Symfony 5.3, Twig templates can use the new "serialize" filter to pass data from the backend to the frontend.

New in Symfony 5.3: Better Protection Against BREACH Attack

Symfony 5.3 randomizes CSRF tokens to better protect you against BREACH attacks.

New in Symfony 5.3: Prototype Options

In Symfony 5.3 we've added prototype options to the OptionsResolver component, to resolve and validate a series of options which are part of another option.