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A week of symfony #230 (23->29 May 2011)

It took more time than expected, but this week Symfony2 released two new beta versions. Beta2 was a huge leap from beta1 and beta3 fixed lots of bugs. This frantic development activity was possible thanks to the ever-growing list of Symfony2 contributors. The documentation team also worked hard this week to keep up synced with Symfony2 development.

Symfony2: Beta3 available

Read release notes

Symfony2: Beta2 released

Read release notes

Symfony2: Annotations get better

Annotations in Symfony2 now feel more "native".

A week of symfony #229 (16->22 May 2011)

This week Symfony2 development achieved another remarkable milestone: the official repository received its 1,000th pull request. Meanwhile, Doctrine bridge added a very convenient unique validator, Form component renamed, removed and simplified some properties and methods and lots of exceptions were renamed in other components.

A week of symfony #228 (9->15 May 2011)

This week, Symfony2 reintroduced parameters in the DIC of several bundles, error page template customization was greatly simplified and Assetic introduced configuration for automatically apply filters to assets based on path. Meanwhile, Symfony2 doc team continued their impressive work with the complete overhaul of the Security component documentation.

A week of symfony #227 (2->8 May 2011)

Symfony2 developers continued this week working hard to ease Doctrine2 integration: DoctrineBundle gained a new Registry class, a smarter command to generate entities and a way easier YAML configuration. Meanwhile, the Serializer component was refactored and some exceptions were improved.

Symfony2: Getting Easier (part 3)

The one where Doctrine is getting easier.

Symfony2: Getting Easier (part 2)

You can also make Symfony2 better.

A week of symfony #226 (25 April -> 1 May 2011)

Symfony2 published this week its first beta version. Doctrine was the bundle with most activity, including the simplification of its configuration. In addition, Symfony2 achieved this week two remarkable milestones: more than 2,000 repository watchers and more than 700 pull requests.