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Symfony Live 2013 tour: time to start the new season!

In 2013, the Symfony Live tour will be suprising: more Symfony conferences than ever, don't miss them!

A week of symfony #317 (21->27 January 2013)

This week the second beta of Symfony 2.2.0 was released in preparation for the upcoming first release candidate. In addition, a new Stopwatch component was published to help applications measure the execution time of specific parts of their code.

Symfony 2.2.0 Beta 2 released

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New in Symfony 2.2: New Stopwatch Component

Symfony 2.2 introduces a new component: Stopwatch

A week of symfony #316 (14->20 January 2013)

This week, Symfony 2.0.22 and 2.1.7 security releases were published to address a potential vulnerability related to the YAML component. Meanwhile, the routing component renamed and deprecated several important options, as explained in the new Symfony 2.x to 3.0 upgrade guide.

New in Symfony 2.2: More Documentation

The Symfony documentation has been improved a lot since Symfony 2.1.

Security release: Symfony 2.0.22 and 2.1.7 released

Symfony 2.0.22 and Symfony 2.1.7 have just been released and they both contain security fixes for the YAML component (CVE-2013-1348 and CVE-2013-1397).

New in Symfony 2.2: Functional Tests Speed-Up

Symfony 2.2 introduces some nice performance improvement for functional tests.

New in Symfony 2.2: New PropertyAccess component

Symfony 2.2 introduces a PropertyAccess component.

New in Symfony 2.2: New URL Generation Options

Symfony 2.2 introduces new URL generation options.

A week of symfony #315 (7->13 January 2013)

This week Symfony 2.2 entered into its stabilization period with the release of the first beta of Symfony 2.2.0. The development activity was huge, including the addition of PSR-3 support to the LoggerInterface, the release of a new PropertyAccess component and lots of tweaking and refactorization for the Security, Form, Validator and HttpKernel components.

Security: Access Control Documentation Issue

The Symfony documentation about access controls was wrong. Please read carefully to understand how access control rules really work.

New in Symfony 2.2: Process Component Enhancements

Symfony 2.2 introduces several interesting features to the Process Component.

New in Symfony 2.2: Autocomplete on the Command Line

Symfony 2.2 introduces autocomplete on the command line.

Symfony 2.2.0 Beta 1 released

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Symfony 2.2 Schedule Update

Todays marks the end of the development period for Symfony 2.2.

A week of symfony #314 (31 December 2012 -> 6 January 2013)

This week the Console component added support for a cool new feature: autocompletion. Meanwhile, the development versions started adding support for the upcoming PHP 5.5 version. In addition, the official Symfony repository surpassed the 6,000th stargazer milestone.