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Symfony 2.3 schedule update

Symfony 2.3 feature freeze is happening today.

A week of symfony #330 (22->28 April 2013)

This week, it was announced that the Symfony 2.3 Standard Edition will only include MIT/BSD licensed libraries and bundles (view pull request). In addition, Symfony 2.3 was declared nearly completed, with just a few important PR remaining before the first beta version. Lastly, a new version of SensioLabs Desktop was released.

New in Symfony 2.3: New validators

Symfony 2.3 comes with more built-in validators.

New in Symfony 2.3: Use Sub-Networks to configure Trusted Proxies

Symfony 2.3 lets you use IP ranges to configure your trusted proxies.

New in Symfony 2.3: Events in the Console Component

Symfony 2.3 introduces events in the Console component.

A week of symfony #329 (15->21 April 2013)

This week, the Symfony 2.3 branch boosted its development activity, specially for the Form component. As a result, and for the first time since a long time, the repository had less than 100 outstanding pull requests. In addition, the complete schedule for the Symfony Live Portland 2013 conference was published.

Symfony Live Portland 2013: The Schedule has finally been published!

The schedule for the Symfony Live conference in Portland has just been published! Have a look at the great schedule and register now to the Symfony Live Portland 2013!

A week of symfony #328 (8->14 April 2013)

This week, the Symfony project introduced Debug to its growing family of components. In addition, a code sprint for Symfony 2.3 took place to boost the development of the upcoming first LTS version of Symfony2.

Code Sprint for Symfony 2.3

Be prepared for the first Symfony 2.3 code sprint.

New in Symfony 2.3: New Debug Component

Symfony 2.3 introduces a new Debug component.

New in Symfony 2.3: DomCrawler enhancements

Symfony 2.3 comes with some nice enhancements in the DomCrawler component.

Symfony 2.3: What's next?

What for the next major Symfony version?

A week of symfony #327 (1->7 April 2013)

This week, Symfony 2.2.1 was released, including tens of fixes and tweaks. In addition, it was announced that the first international SymfonyCon will be held in Warzaw, Poland in December. Lastly, a new Symfony 2.3 code sprint was announced for the Friday, April 12th.

Symfony 2.2.1 released

Read release notes

Symfony2 Hacks Day: Nice People, Hard Work, Big Success!

Woh! Last Saturday we gathered on IRC for a full, focused day on the Symfony2 documentation. We didn't know how many of you would show up, but the response was *overwhelming*! In addition to getting a lot done, we all got to hang out, and there was a spirit of collaboration, fun and politeness that made me very proud of our community!