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A week of symfony #408 (20->26 October 2014)

This week, Symfony Serializer component added support for handling circular references and DependencyInjection fixed some problems with aliases and circular references. Meanwhile, some interesting proposals were made for future Symfony versions, such as decoupling type validation from constraint validators and removing Blank/NotBlank constraints.

Symfony 2.5.6 released

Read release notes

Symfony 2.3.21 released

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SymfonyCon Madrid 2014: Entire speaker line up revealed!

The SymfonyCon Madrid 2014 schedule is online! Check out who will speak at the best European Symfony conference. Secure your seat before it's too late!

New in Symfony 2.6: Error page previews

Symfony 2.6 will include a new option to preview error pages. This will simplify the development and design of good error pages in Symfony applications.

Symfony, 9 years of history, rewards its top 150 contributors

Symfony, 9 years of history, rewards its top 150 contributors with a free Symfony certification voucher.

The Symfony Project turns 9!

On October 18th 2005 at 16:27:36, Fabien Potencier made the first import of the Symfony 1 code to the Subversion repository. Symfony is officially nine years old.

A week of symfony #407 (13->19 October 2014)

This week, the new Symfony Best Practices were published, sparking an intense debate among the community. In addition, the new Symfony installer became a reality and hopefully it will be ready for the launch of Symfony 2.6.

A week of symfony #406 (06->12 October 2014)

This week, New York was the capital of the Symfony world thanks to the Symfony Live conference. During his keynote, Fabien introduced the Symfony Best Practices initiative and unveiled the first specific details of Symfony 3.0 version, tentatively scheduled for November 2015. Lastly, the first speakers for the upcoming SymfonyCon conference were announced.

Introducing the Official Symfony Best Practices

Fabien Potencier, the leader of the Symfony project, introduced today a new initiative called "The Official Symfony Best Practices", a list of 31 techniques and recommendations for professional Symfony development.

SymfonyCon Madrid starts to reveal its schedule!

The first speakers for SymfonyCon Madrid have been announced!

Calling for Symfony Papers

PHP conferences are a great place to meet with other Symfony developers and make new friends. They are also an exceptional opportunity to become a speaker and deliver talks and workshops about Symfony.

New in Symfony 2.6: Bootstrap form theme

Symfony 2.6 will include a new form theme designed for Bootstrap 3 that it will save you lots of hours of tedious and repetitive work.

A week of symfony #405 (29 September -> 05 October 2014)

This week finished the development phase of Symfony 2.6. In the coming weeks, all the efforts will be directed towards stabilizing the codebase and finishing the documentation for the amazing new features, such as the Ajax requests in the debug toolbar, the Security component improvements and the deprecation of Icu component.

New in Symfony 2.6: Farewell to ICU component

Symfony 2.6 will deprecate the Icu component and it will only use the Intl component. All the internationalization data has been bundled in Intl to avoid the usual problems caused by the PHP intl extension.

New in Symfony 2.6: Security component improvements

Symfony Security component will introduce in Symfony 2.6 version a major refactoring of the security.context service, a new service to simplify password encoding, a new REMOTE_USER based firewall and a new authentication helper.

New in Symfony 2.6: Improvements for the Translation component

Symfony 2.6 will include some improvements for the Translation component: adding the target language when dumping XLIFF files, a new method to expose collected messages, a new message catalogue cache and the logging of missing translations.