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A week of symfony #100 (24->30 november 2008)

Symfony continues providing impressive stats: nearly 300 changesets, 112 bugs fixed, 3 new versions released (1.0.19, 1.1.6 and 1.2.0 RC2) and 7 new plugins published. In addition, this week the symfony repository suffered a major reorganization with Propel 1.3 and Doctrine 1.0 plugins moved into symfony branch. Lastly, this week we also celebrate the 100th issue of "A week of symfony".

symfony 1.1.6 already published

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NetBeans needs symfony developers’ help

Three months ago we asked for your support to symfony inclusion in NetBeans. Symfony community response was overwhelming and therefore the actual integration work has just begun in order to finish it for the next major version of the IDE.

symfony 1.2 Release Candidate 2 available!

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symfony 1.0.19 is out

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A week of symfony #99 (17->23 november 2008)

Symfony maintains its extraordinary development activity with more than 240 changesets and 75 bugfixes in just one week. The first release candidate of symfony 1.2 was released this week and 34 plugins were updated, mostly for repository reorganization and symfony 1.2 compatibility.

symfony 1.2 Release Candidate available!

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Call the expert: Retrieving Data with Doctrine

Learn how you can execute complex queries and retrieve data using Doctrine in this Call the expert article.

symfony 1.1.5 released

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A week of symfony #98 (10->16 november 2008)

The last beta of symfony 1.2 was released this week, setting the pace for the upcoming release candidate. In addition, last week it was officially announced that symfony will be supported in the next version of Netbeans IDE. Lastly, symfony achieved another remarkable milestone with its 13,000th changeset.

Call the expert: Customizing sfDoctrineGuardPlugin

In this tutorial we'll demonstrate how to extend the sfDoctrineGuardPlugin by adding a relationship to the sfGuardUser named Profile and integrating it in to the admin generator that comes with the plugin.

symfony 1.2 beta2 - The Doctrine Admin Generator is here

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Call the expert: Nested forms - A real implementation

As announced in a previous post, symfony 1.2 is able to automatically save objects from deep nested forms. I gave a simple example in the announcement post, but some people asked me for a real project example. So here it is.

A week of symfony #97 (3->9 november 2008)

The first plugin developers day took place this week resulting in an historic plugin development activity: 8 new plugins were released and nearly 30 plugins were updated. Meanwhile, symfony 1.2 continues refining and improving its great new features and prepares its imminent second beta release.

Additional tasks to streamline your workflow

The sfTaskExtraPlugin is a plugin maintained by the symfony core team. It adds a number of useful tasks to your symfony command line to help streamline your workflow.

New in symfony 1.2: Doctrine goodies

In this post we'll touch on a few different aspects of the symfony 1.2 release such as the new admin generators, form framework, and embedded forms with a tutorial that starts from a brand new project.

Plugin Developers Day This Saturday!

Preparations for the coming plugin developers day are proceeding apace. I've heard from a number of you who are planning to attend, some planning to start development on a new, groudbreaking plugin, others looking to help update existing plugins to work with the latest and greatest version of symfony, and still others just hoping to learn from the lively discussion. All types are welcome!

New in symfony 1.2: God save the nested forms

One of the form framework strengths is its ability to deal with nested forms. As of symfony 1.2, nested objects are automatically saved.

A week of symfony #96 (27 october -> 2 november 2008)

As promised, the first beta version of symfony 1.2 was released this week, featuring lots of improvements and a new admin generator. In addition, symfony project activity has been stunning during this week: more than 200 changesets, 5 new plugins, 15 updated plugins, 8 new symfony-powered websites and lots of documentation updates.

symfony 1.2 beta is out the door

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symfony 1.2 coming along nicely

As the first beta version of symfony 1.2 is about to be released, I want to have a look at the current state of the documentation for this new version and what must be done before the final release