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Symfony2: 2.0 RC3 released

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Symfony2: 2.0 RC2 released

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A week of symfony #234 (20->26 June 2011)

Symfony2 introduced this week the new interactive generators, which could vastly improve your development productivity. In addition, a brand-new mailing-list for Symfony2 was unveiled. Lastly, the first Release Candidate version was released and the Symfony2 components were made available on the new Symfony2 PEAR channel.

Symfony2 PEAR Channel

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Symfony2: 2.0 RC1 released

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Getting help on symfony1 or Symfony2

The one where we reveal the Symfony 2.0 release schedule.

Symfony2: Getting Easier - Interactive Generators

The one where we reveal the Symfony 2.0 release schedule.

Symfony Day Cologne 2011

Just like the previous years, Cologne will be the stage for the Symfony Day conference again in October. Symfony developers, enthousiasts, advocates and core team members will travel to Germany for a day of symfony and Symfony2. But there are some changes for this year's edition.

A week of symfony #233 (13->19 June 2011)

This week Symfony 2.0 beta5 was published, marking the end of the beta period. Once more, the Form component was the most active, but lots of components were tweaked and improved, including Process, CssSelector, Yaml and Finder. Other important changes were a big performance improvement in ClassLoader and the refactorization of Session.

Symfony2: Beta5 available

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A week of symfony #232 (6->12 June 2011)

This week Symfony2 refactored and simplified cache warmers. Doctrine bridge was also heavily refactored and some classes were moved from the bundle to the bridge. Console component was made more powerful and Serializer component expanded its interface and simplified its internals. As usual, Form component showed a frantic development activity, including the removal of one feature not available for 2.0 launch.

Is symfony too slow for real-world usage?

The definitive guide to (not) responding to speed benchmarks and framework comparisons

Symfony2: Beta4 available

Symfony2 beta4 released.

A week of symfony #231 (30 May -> 5 June 2011)

Symfony2 codebase is almost completed, so this week the development activity focused on moving, renaming, refactoring and tweaking code, mostly on Routing and Event components. DoctrineBundle was also updated, including some new convenient shortcuts and a brand-new Doctrine chapter for the official book.