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A week of symfony #339 (24->30 June 2013)

This week, the development activity of Symfony slowed significantly due to the start of the Summer season in the northern hemisphere. This low activity period is the perfect moment to help the Symfony project by working on some pending issues, such as bugs, new features, and enhancements.

A week of symfony #338 (17->23 June 2013)

This week, Symfony 2.2.3 was released to fix some minor bugs and to revert some regressions. In addition, some failing tests were fixed for the newly released PHP 5.5 version.

Symfony 2.2.3 released

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A week of symfony #337 (10->16 June 2013)

This week, after the successful launch of Symfony 2.3, the development activity focused on the upcoming Symfony 2.4 version. The most important change was the introduction of simpler customization options for the Security component. In addition, Symfony 2.3.1 was released to address some minor bugs.

New in Symfony 2.4: Customize the Security Features with ease

Symfony 2.4 adds a new way to easily configure the Symfony Security features.

Upgrading your Symfony Projects the easy Way

Learn more about how to easily upgrade your Symfony projects.

Save the date for SymfonyCon Warsaw 2013!

SymfonyCon Warsaw, December 10-14! Registration is already open, check it out!

Symfony 2.3.1 released

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The website... in your language

What about translating the website to your language?

Which version of Symfony should you use?

Since the release of Symfony 2.0 almost two years ago, three new releases have been published: 2.1, 2.2, and recently 2.3. So, which version should you use?

Announcing the 2013 Spanish Symfony Conference

The fourth edition of the deSymfony Conference, the biggest Spanish-speaking event related to Symfony, will be taking place on 21st-22nd June 2013. Around 400 Symfony developers from Spain, Italy and even America will attend to this two-day event that will hold more than 20 talks about our favorite framework.

A week of symfony #336 (3->9 June 2013)

This week, the long-awaited Symfony 2.3 version was finally released. This new version includes a ton of new features and offers a nice three year support. In addition, the first details of the upcoming SymfonyCon Warsaw 2013 were unveiled.

Good-bye Symfony Live Portland 2013!

Symfony Live Portland 2013 is over but see you next year!

Symfony 2.3.0, the first LTS, is now available

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New in Symfony 2.3: What else?

Let's see what Symfony 2.3 brings in terms of new features and improvements.

Symfony 2.2.2 released

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A week of symfony #335 (27 May -> 2 June 2013)

This week, the development activity of Symfony slowed in preparation for the imminent Symfony 2.3 release. This will be the first long term support release of Symfony2 and the most important version published since the introduction of the new release process.

Symfony 2.1.11 released

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