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Symfony 3.3.0 released

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Symfony 3.3.0 curated new features

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Symfony 3.2.9 released

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Symfony 2.8.21 released

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Symfony 2.7.28 released

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A week of symfony #543 (22-28 May 2017)

This week, Symfony 3.3 continued merging bug fixes and minor tweaks in preparation for its final release next week. Meanwhile, the upcoming Symfony 4 version continued dropping deprecated features and code no longer needed in PHP 7.1. Lastly, Twig announced the introduction of PHP namespaces for their next versions without breaking the existing applications (PSR-0 class names will still be valid).

Fixing the trusted_proxies configuration for Symfony 3.3

The framework.trusted_proxies configuration key has been removed in Symfony 3.3. This may cause some issues when upgrading your applications. This article explains how to solve them.

The new Symfony 3.3 Service Configuration Changes Explained

Symfony 3.3 introduces a new paradigm for service configuration that I hope you'll love

Symfony 4: End of HHVM support

Symfony 4 won't support HHVM anymore

A week of symfony #542 (15-21 May 2017)

This week, Symfony activity was intense: HHVM support was dropped, Symfony 4 bumped its minimum requirement to PHP 7.1, Symfony 3.3.0 RC1 was released, and the 3.3 and 3.4 branches were created in the repository. In addition, it was announced that SymfonyCon 2017 conference will take place in Cluj (Romania) on November 16-18.

An open-source web platform for the new President of France

The web platform running the winning campaign of the next President of France, Emmanuel Macron, is made with Symfony and is open source.

Symfony 3.3.0-RC1 released

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Preparing your Applications for PHP 7 with Symfony Polyfills

Symfony Polyfills let you use modern PHP features in your PHP 5.3 applications, so you can prepare them for when you finally upgrade to PHP 7.

New in Symfony 3.3: PSR-4 based Service Discovery

Symfony 3.3 will include a new feature to discover and register services based on PSR-4 classes found in the given directories.

A week of symfony #541 (8-14 May 2017)

This week, Symfony continued tweaking and polishing the new Dependency Injection features introduced for Symfony 3.3. Meanwhile, the KernelTestCase class added a feature to define the kernel class instead of the kernel directory, which will be useful when using Symfony Flex.

A week of symfony #540 (1-7 May 2017)

This week, Symfony released the 2.7.27, 2.8.20 and 3.2.8 maintenance versions and the first beta of Symfony 3.3. Meanwhile, we continued making changes related to the services and the dependency injection: services in config files now default to being private, tags under _defaults always apply and a new --types option was added to the debug:container command.

Symfony Community Survey 2017 Results

Check out the results and highlights of the Symfony Community Survey 2017.

New in Symfony 3.3: Service locators

In Symfony 3.3 you can create "service locators" to avoid injecting the entire service container when you need access to lots of services but you don't actually use all of them.

Symfony 4: A new way to develop applications

Time to introduce news ideas for Symfony 4.

Symfony 3.3.0-BETA1 released

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Symfony 3.2.8 released

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Symfony 2.8.20 released

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Symfony 2.7.27 released

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