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Introducing the Symfony 4 certification

A new Symfony 4 certification exam is now available for developers who want to gain official recognition as Symfony experts.

New in Symfony 4.1: Advanced Console Output

In Symfony 4.1, the output of console commands goes to the next level with multiple editable sections, overwritable contents and dynamic tables.

New in Symfony 4.1: Messenger component

Symfony 4.1 adds a new Messenger component that helps applications send and receive messages to/from other applications or via message queues. It provides a message bus based on middlewares, some routing capabilities and built-in support for AMQP brokers.

New in Symfony 4.1: Autowiring improvements

In Symfony 4.1 you can autowire scalar values to controller action arguments and the configuration of decorated services has been simplified.

New Symfony Core Team Member: Samuel Roze

New Symfony Core Team Member: Samuel Roze

New in Symfony 4.1: VarDumper server

In Symfony 4.1 you can use the new server:dump command to collect all dumped information in a centralized server to avoid mixing your own contents with the dumped contents.

A week of symfony #586 (19-25 March 2018)

This week Symfony focused on finishing important features before the Symfony 4.1 feature freeze starts next week: introduced a new Messenger component, internationalized routing, inlined routing config, transition blockers for workflows, allow to define multiple sections in Console output and added a server to collect VarDumper dumps. In addition, we updated the status of our diversity initiative.

New in Symfony 4.1: Workflow improvements

In Symfony 4.1 we improved the Workflow component with lots of major and minor features. This blog post summarizes the most important ones.

New in Symfony 4.1: Inlined routing configuration

In Symfony 4.1 you can inline the requirements and default values in the route path to make the config more concise.

Diversity initiative update

Some recent topics within the diversity initiative, covering among many things: the new respectful review guidelines, mentorship programs, code of conduct and enforcement process, context and slack discussions, new slack channels.

New in Symfony 4.1: Simpler service testing

In Symfony 4.1, to make testing simpler, tests will have access to a special service container that allows fetching any non-removed private service.

New in Symfony 4.1: Internationalized routing

In Symfony 4.1 you can define different paths per locale in routes without the need of installing a third-party bundle.

A week of symfony #585 (12-18 March 2018)

This week, Symfony development activity was focused again on finishing the pending pull requests in time for the upcoming Symfony 4.1 "feature freeze" period which starts in just 2 weeks. We made testing easier by allowing to fetch private services from tests clients, improved the design of the new console "box" style and added some HTML5 features to the Symfony Profiler.

New and improved generators for MakerBundle

Symfony Maker bundle has introduced a new generator to create basic CRUD interfaces and it has improved the form generator to create forms based on Doctrine entities.

A week of symfony #584 (5-11 March 2018)

This week, Symfony 2.7.43, 2.8.36, 3.4.6 and 4.0.6 maintenance versions were published. Meanwhile, Symfony development activity focused on fixing minor bugs. Lastly, the "feature freeze" period for the upcoming Symfony 4.1 version starts in just 3 weeks, so we need your help to review issues and finish pull requests.

New in Symfony 4.1: Improved Bootstrap 4 form theme

In Symfony 4.1 we've improved the Bootstrap 4 form theme with new features and we've made it fully accessible and compliant with WCAG 2.0.

New in Symfony 4.1: Twig extensions priority

Symfony 4.1 allows to define the priority of Twig extensions, which is useful when you need to overload the filters and functions defined in other extensions.

New in Symfony 4.1: Dynamic lock refresh

In Symfony 4.1, locks can be refreshed for a different amount of time than the original TTL used when creating the lock.

Symfony 4.0.6 released

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Symfony 3.4.6 released

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Symfony 2.8.36 released

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Symfony 2.7.43 released

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A week of symfony #583 (26 February - 4 March 2018)

This week, Symfony 2.7.42, 2.8.35, 3.4.5 and 4.0.5 maintenance versions were published. In addition, Symfony improved the accessibility of the Bootstrap 4 form theme to comply with the WCAG standard: it fixed some HTML issues, added new attributes and improved how form errors are displayed. Finally, it was proposed a way to simplify the User and UserChecker.

New in Symfony 4.1: Deprecated the AdvancedUserInterface

In Symfony 4.1 the AdvancedUserInterface has been deprecated, but you can define your own "user checkers" to get the same functionality.

Symfony 4.0.5 released

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Symfony 3.4.5 released

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Symfony 2.8.35 released

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Symfony 2.7.42 released

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New in Symfony 4.1: Smarter URL redirections

In Symfony 4.1 the logic to redirect from URLs with trailing slashes to URLs without them finally works in both ways.