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Symfony Components: The Dependency Injection Container

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A week of symfony #130 (22->28 June 2009)

Symfony core development put the spotlight on tests and lime tool during this week. Furthermore, symfony components were heavily updated, specially dependency injection. Lastly, 11 new plugins were introduced.

Sourceforge Community Choice Awards: symfony is a Finalist

I'm proud to announce that symfony has been chosen as a finalist for the Sourceforge Community Choice Awards.

A week of symfony #129 (15->21 June 2009)

Symfony core and Doctrine plugin got a few fixes during this week and generate:project task was enhanced. In addition, most symfony books were updated and the next symfony live conference was announced.

Announcing the Symfony Live 2010 Paris Conference

As promised some weeks ago, I'm proud to announce that Sensio Labs will organize the second symfony live conference in February 2010.

A week of symfony #128 (8->14 june 2009)

What a wonderful week for symfony! The first symfony live conference took place with great success. Symfony 1.3 showed some of its new features: poject creation customization and Doctrine as its default ORM. Symfony community also joined the celebration publishing the 600th symfony plugin.

The Second Day of the Symfony Live Conference - Paris 2009

The symfony live conference is now over. The first feedback is really good and people looked quite happy. The schedule was packed with a lot of good sessions, and we had great discussions about the framework and its future with the attendees.

The First Day of Symfony Live Paris 2009

So, today is the first day of the third symfony conference (the first two ones were the English symfony Camp in 2007 and 2008), but also the first symfony live conference in Paris.

New in symfony 1.3: What's up with Propel and Doctrine?

Top voted suggestions for symfony 1.3 are: make Doctrine the default ORM and do not make Doctrine the default ORM. How can we make everybody happy?

New in symfony 1.3: Project Creation Customization

Today, I'm really excited to announce a great new feature for the upcoming symfony 1.3 version: the ability to customize the project creation process. Let me explain why it is useful and how you can take advantage of this cool feature.

A week of symfony #127 (1->7 june 2009)

This week, some members of the symfony community started proof-reading english documentation to fix typos and grammar mistakes. In addition, symfony 1.3 branch achieved a very remarkable milestone with more than 9,000 tests. Lastly, in a few days, the first official symfony conference will take place at Paris, so stay tuned for news.

Symfony 1.1 end of life approaching

The support of Symfony 1.1 will end at the end of June 2009, but the good news is that security patches will be applied until June 2010.

Books on symfony

Today, I'm very proud to announce the immediate availability of the second edition of the "Practical symfony" book.