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A week of symfony #313 (24->30 December 2012)

This week, Symfony 2.2 continued removing any unnecessary hard dependencies between components, such as the coupling between DependencyInjection and Config components. In addition, the logging in the exception listener was refactored to allow overloading of the default behavior.

A week of symfony #312 (17->23 December 2012)

This week Symfony published several security releases to address two potential security vulnerabilities. In addition, the WebProfilerBundle continued removing dependientes from other bundles and components.

Symfony 2.0.21 and 2.1.5 released

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Security release: Symfony 2.0.20 and 2.1.5 released

Symfony 2.0.20 and Symfony 2.1.5 have just been released and they both contain two security fixes.

New in Symfony 2.2: Security Utilities

Symfony 2.2 introduces some interesting security utilities.

Security Issue Management Improvements

The process for handling security issues has been improved.

New in Symfony 2.2: Logging of deprecated calls

Symfony 2.2 logs deprecated calls.

A week of symfony #311 (10->16 December 2012)

This week, Symfony development activity was extremely intense. Symfony 2.2 version added lots of cool features and small tweaks across all its major components.

New in Symfony 2.2: Better interaction from the Console

Symfony 2.2 introduces some useful dialog helpers in the Console component to improve the interaction with the user.

New in Symfony 2.2: Small things matter

Symfony 2.2 introduces many small tweaks that enhance your experience.

New in Symfony 2.2: Payment related validators

Symfony 2.2 introduces payment related validators.

New in Symfony 2.2: Cache support for static pages

Symfony 2.2 introduces caching for static pages.

Symfony 2.2 Release Schedule

According to our release process, we will soon reach the end of the development phase for Symfony 2.2.

A week of symfony #310 (3->9 December 2012)

This week Symfony 2.2 continued adding nice features and tweaks, such as the new fatal error pages. In addition, it was announced that the next edition of the Symfony Live conference in United States will be held at Portland and it will be co-located with two other big conferences: DrupalCon and WebVisions

Symfony Live Berlin 2012 Wrap up

Symfony Live Berlin 2012 Wrap up

New in Symfony 2.2: Nice fatal error display

Symfony 2.2 nicely displays fatal errors.

Announcing the Symfony Live Portland 2013!

The US Symfony Live for 2013 has been announced and guess what? It’s going to be Symfo-tastic: DrupalCon Portland, Symfony Live and WebVisions will co-locate their May 2013 conference in Portland, Oregon.

A week of symfony #309 (26 November -> 2 December 2012)

This week, Symfony 2.0.19 and 2.1.4 versions were released to address a potential security vulnerability related to Request::getClientIp() method. This security fix also made possible to tweak the algorithm used to determine the trusted client IP and added a way to configure the X-Forwarded header names and a way to disable trusting them.