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D-13 before SymfonyCon Warsaw 2013!

SymfonyCon Warsaw 2013 is around the corner! We’re so exciting about it and I hope you all too! Here is a recap of what you need to know in order not to miss anything happening during this awesome conference!

Good-bye Symfony Live Berlin 2013!

On November 7th and 8th, some 270 Symfonians met in Berlin for Symfony Live Berlin 2013. This year’s conference had a few new things in store.

Symfony 2.4.0-RC1 released

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A week of symfony #360 (18 -> 24 November 2013)

This week, development activity was focused on the last remaining bugs before the imminent publication of the first release candidate version of Symfony 2.4. In addition, some small but long-standing issues were fixed, such as the standardization of the constructor initialization style throughout Symfony code.

Symfony Community and Business Awards 2013 are online!

Exciting news, we launched the second edition of the [Symfony Awards](!

A week of symfony #359 (11->17 November 2013)

This week, Symfony 2.2.10 and Symfony 2.3.7 maintenance versions were published. Meanwhile, the new ExpressionLanguage component received a lot of new documentation and the Swedish Symfony community announced their first Symfony conference.

Symfony 2.3.7 released

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Symfony 2.2.10 released

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New in Symfony 2.4: The ExpressionLanguage Component

Symfony 2.4 comes with a new component: ExpressionLanguage

November Camp by Symfony Sweden

In just 9 days, on November 22nd, Symfony Sweden is hosting the first ever Swedish Symfony conference, November Camp, at the luxurious Hilton Slussen in Stockholm.

New in Symfony 2.4: The Request Stack

Symfony 2.4 adds a new request stack service that is going to replace the request service

A week of symfony #358 (4->10 November 2013)

This week, the Symfony Live Berlin 2013 conference focused all the community attention with some important announcements: the new Symfony projects page, the second edition of the Symfony Awards and the new Silex 2.0 experimental branch. Stay tuned for more exciting announcements to come at the first SymfonyCon conference in Warsaw (Poland) on December 10 – 14.

The Symfony Family

Open-Source projects using Symfony finally get some exposure on

New in Symfony 2.4: Great Form Panel in the Web Profiler

Symfony 2.4 adds a new panel that lets you introspect form behaviors in the web profiler.

New in Symfony 2.4: Limiting Session Metadata Writes

Symfony 2.4 adds a way to avoid writing the session at each request

New in Symfony 2.4: Quicker Access to the Profiler when working on an API

Symfony 2.4 adds a X-Debug-Token-Link header to easily get the URL of the current page profile

A week of symfony #357 (28 October -> 3 November 2013)

This week, the first serious discussions about Symfony 3.0 started with the proposal of splitting the HttpKernel component into three separate components. Meanwhile, the Symfony community will gather again next week for the Symfony Live Berlin 2013 conference.