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Form Goodness in Symfony 2.1

Those of you who already upgraded to Symfony 2.1 Beta probably noticed that the new version comes with many backwards compatibility breaks in the Form component. Many of you probably ask yourselves: Why?

The Symfony Community Survey 2012: The Results

Here are the results of the first Symfony Community Survey.

Symfony 2.1.0 beta4 released

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A week of symfony #290 (16->22 July 2012)

This week, the Form component continued focusing all the Symfony2 development activity. Besides some tweaks and refactorings, most of the commits were related to form performance improvement. In addition, the official code repository achieved another remarkable milestone: more than 5,000 pull requests received.

A week of symfony #289 (9->15 July 2012)

This week Symfony project experienced the most intense development activity in years. In addition to the three new versions released (2.0.16, 2.1.0 beta2, and 2.1.0 beta3), a major cleanup of tickets and pull requests was made on the official repository. Particularly noteworthy was the refactoring of the form component and its huge performance boost.

Symfony 2.1.0 beta3 released

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symfony 1.4 end of maintenance: What does it mean?

symfony 1.4 "end of maintenance" date is coming up in November 2012. What does it mean?

Symfony 2.0.16 released

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Security Release: FOSUserBundle

A security issue has been found in FOSUserBundle.

Symfony 2.1.0 beta2 released

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A week of symfony #288 (2->8 July 2012)

This week, another big PHP project announced that Symfony2 framework will be the foundation for its future developments. Meanwhile, Symfony 2.1 repository registered a lot of development activity, including some BC breaks such as the removal of charset configuration option and the possibility of using kernel parameters in routes.

Symfony2 Components as standalone Packages

The Symfony component repositories are now synchronized in near real-time with the main Symfony repository.

Symfony2 meets eZ Publish 5

eZ Publish announced that they will use the Symfony full-stack framework for version 5.

A week of symfony #287 (25 June -> 1 July 2012)

This week Symfony 2.1 removed auto_start configuration parameter, because sessions will now start on demand. In addition, Request::overrideGlobals method was finally completed and route auto-redirecting was restricted for safe requests.